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Woolrich Bear Creek Square Pillow

A Guide to Rustic Interior Lighting

The general perception is that furniture defines the décor of a home. There is no doubt that the furniture is a very important aspect in creating a theme, but there are certain other elements that need to be considered in decorating. The lighting and the various lighting fixtures that are used also play a very important role in defining the look of a home. The lighting in a room should complement the decor of a room. Lighting is not only about functionality but it should also be about style and accessorizing. The proper lighting choices will create ambiance and style to the home’s decor.

Rustic lighting aims to create and bring the feeling of nature and wilderness indoors. Many of the popular designs used in rustic lighting feature wildlife, trees, canoes and utilize natural products in their construction. Although wildlife themes are very popular, there are those who prefer the natural theme without the animals. Of course, mixing and matching different rustic design elements can also create a more unique scheme.

Rustic lights are made from dif ferent materials. Wrought iron and wood are popular materials used in rustic lighting. Other metals like copper and brass are used to give an old rustic feel. Real antlers (as well as faux antlers) are also used in rustic lighting.

Choosing the right size fixture based on the size of the room is very important. For a large room, such as a living room, or in dining areas, a chandelier is better than a flush mount fixture. Chandeliers give a classy feel to the room. Chandeliers made of wrought iron or even antlers can have a stunning effect in a room with a cathedral or very high ceiling. They also provide even lighting to the entire room. Choose the size of the chandelier depending on the height of the ceiling as well. For high and/or cathedral ceilings select a tiered chandelier. A simple way to determine a chandelier size is to add the dimensions of the room together in feet and then convert the answer to inches. The answer should equal the diameter of the fixture. If your room measures 10 ’x 14’ the diameter of the fixture should be about 24”. Chandeliers are also being used in bedroom areas or in bathroom areas as a stylish focal point.

For smaller rooms use wall sconces and/or flush or semi-flush ceiling lights. Wall sconces also look beautiful on either side of a fireplace or on each side of a special furniture/art piece. Wall sconces can also be put between picture windows or in stair or hallways and are perfect ambiance creators in bedroom areas. Another great use of wall sconces is in the bathroom on each side of your vanity mirror.

Pendant lights hung on each side of your vanity will also provide a fresh look to your bathroom. Always remember to put dimmer switches on your lighting to create further ambiance.

Other options include ceiling fans with light kits. Ceiling fans are welcome additions to bedroom areas or common area rooms. The use of ceiling fans help moderate temperatures and keep the space comfortable.

Lastly, do not forget the importance of portable lighting (table and floor lighting). These pieces are an easy way to set a theme for a room with an eye-catching piece, and also bring functionality to an area where more light may be needed for reading or completing a task.

With careful selection of furniture, lighting and accessories, the perfect look can be achieved that will not only compliment but will enhance as well.